Continuing education units, which are also referred to as CEUs, are basically educational credits for those who hold a professional license. All licensed professionals are required to undergo a specific amount of CEU’s throughout every year. The LPN profession is no different. In order to renew your LPN license, you must complete a set amount of CEUs. This amount is typically determined by your state board of nursing and can vary from state-to-state.

While continuing education units play an integral role in the progression of knowledge for an LPN, many newly licensed LPNs are confused regarding how they can achieve the required number of units. This article will briefly detail exactly what a CEU is and what you can do to satisfy these essential requirements.

What are CEUs

Continuing-Education-UnitsContinuing Education Units are typically given in the form of a seminar, class, webinar and article. These essential training devices are taught and created by professionals within the nursing industry. In order for a CEU to count toward your CEU requirements, they must be accredited and approved by the State Nursing Board. We are often asked do online lpn programs exist? While there are some online LPN course options, we recommend that when you’re seeking CEUs you contact your state board of nursing to receive the most up-to-date list of approved CEU coursework, to ensure the online program you are considering meets your local LPN requirements.

Once you’ve successfully completed a CEU course, you’re typically required to complete a survey regarding the quality of the course and to add any other comments. The state nursing board uses this information to determine whether or not the coursework satisfies the required educational levels to be accredited. As with many other accredited courses, the instructor of the CEU course must be regularly reviewed by the state board of nursing. This is essential as it ensures the information and instructor meet the rigorous requirements to satisfy the continuing education needs of medical professionals.

If you live in a state that requires a certain amount of CEUs to be completed, which you most likely do, these courses may be in your specific area of study or in a related area of study. In other cases, a state will outline the type of CEUs you must take in order to renew your license. For example, one state may require you to complete coursework in infection disease or pain management topics while another state may be satisfied if you complete a CEU in any medical specialty. Because of the differences between states, you should never assume. Always communicate with your state board of nursing to determine if they feature any specific requirements.