LPNs are at the forefront of the healthcare industry. Each day, these professionals interact with a host of patients, physicians and other nurses to ensure the health of their patients. Of course, to be a successful LPN you must hold a variety of hard skills. These skills involve understanding exactly how to care for patients and how to navigate the confusing healthcare industry. However, there are several universal skills shared by the most successful LPNs in today’s industry. But, unlike what you may think, these skills aren’t related to the actual job. Instead, they are personality traits. Your personality and work ethic play a major role in becoming the most successful professional possible. Therefore, if you’re interested in expanding your career and taking your job to the next level, spend some time reviewing this list of the best personality traits of successful LPNs.

Trait # 1 – Communication

This should go without say – the most successful LPNs gained their position within the industry by their ability to effectively communicate. Throughout your day, you’ll communicate in great detail with patients, physicians and other members of the nursing staff. In order to ensure that a patient fully understands their treatments and the other members of the medical staff understand what the patient is currently experiencing, you must hold above-average communication. In many cases, a patient is unable to fully explain their current situation. Therefore, an effective LPN is able to communicate with a patient in order to retrieve the necessary information.

Traits-of-the-Most-Successful-LPNs-CompassionTrait #2 – Compassion

Perhaps one of the most important personality traits for any medication professional – but especially for LPNs, is compassion. This trait is especially important as a little kindness and compassion can mean the world of difference for a patient who is experiencing a difficult rehabilitation or recovery process. You’ll likely encounter patients who are frightened or scared. Throughout genuine compassion, you can ease their minds and actually help turn this horrific situation into a positive one filled with physical and emotional healing. Compassion and communication tend to go hand-in-hand.

Trait #3 – Reliability

The most effective LPNs are those who are reliable. You must not only be reliable with your patients, but also with your fellow nursing staff. Those who are known to be unreliable will quickly find themselves in the unemployment line. The most effective way to be reliable is to do what you’re told and go above-and-beyond with your tasks and daily functions.